What they DIDN’T tell you in the credential program…

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First, a little about me:

I am a sixth-year high school English teacher living in California.  My great loves include my husband and my family.  My other great loves include reading, traveling, having a great conversation, (and, stereotypically) chocolate, accessories, corny romantic comedies, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Before you dismiss me completely on the basis of my affinity to all things sappy (and believe me, I left out the sappiest for fear of judgment), read on to understand my very important purpose in creating this blog:

I want to help teachers.

However, unlike other websites that sugarcoat teaching, I will tell you the truth.  I will pass on musings about teaching, but I will also share resources that will hopefully inspire you to become more confident in the classroom, a better lesson planner, and, most importantly, a well-balanced individual with a life outside of his/her job!

This blog is about everything you did not learn in the credential program, but should have.

This site is for every teacher who walked out of his/her classroom after the last bell rang on the first day of school, and thought, “My credential program did NOT prepare me for this!”



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