Ho, ho, whole lotta present ideas

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We are officially in the Season of Giving (or, as my husband likes to call it, when our pockets hemorrhage money).  To that end, here’s a list of ten great holiday gift ideas for the loved ones in your life who happen to be teachers!

  1. Massage gift certificate…I’m not the only teacher in town whose shoulders crack when I lie down in bed, thoroughly depleted of energy.  Nothing says “happy holidays” more than the gift of relaxation.
  2. Scented candles…Aromatherapy soothes and relaxes the mind; hopefully it also drives away the memory of what your loved one’s hand touched while moving desks at 7:00 A.M. in the morning.
  3. Gym membership…According to the ancient Greek philosopher Thales, “νοῦς ὑγιὴς ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ,” or “a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind.”  And although Thales never placed in the Olympics, I tend to believe him: exercise clears the mind and boosts energy levels, while curtailing the ubiquitous, less-than-desirable, frumpy teacher look.  (You know what I’m talking about.)
  4. Coffee gift card…While we are on the subject of boosting energy levels, the dirty little secret of the teaching profession is that we are all addicted.  To caffeine, that is.  So why not fuel the addiction?
  5. Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card…I have never met a teacher who did not love a great book.  Give the gift of education to an educator!
  6. Magazine subscription…Many educational journals offer inspirational ideas for teachers, but if you wish to steer clear of work-related gifts, fun, carefree magazines abound.  My favorite?  Mental Floss, which provides hysterical trivia that is true and unbelievable, all at the same time.
  7. Restaurant gift card…Teachers love to kick off their weekends at local happy hours.  There, they can dish about their grammatical pet peeves to their hearts’ contents (“what is so hard about using the word whose correctly?”) in the company of adults, and only adults, before they make their ways back home to play Words with Friends against their coworkers, from the comforts of their couches.
  8. Hot chocolate gift set…A steaming cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate almost makes grading bearable, while keeping your favorite teacher toasty during the winter months.
  9. Journal…Journaling is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, and it is also a great opportunity for teachers to do some of their own writing for a change!
  10. Photo books…Taking the time to compile your favorite memories with your loved one over the past year is a creative and heartfelt way to show that you care.  Any teacher would appreciate these beautiful works of art, which have become very affordable lately; check out The Great Photo Book Round-Up Review, which is hands down the best review on the subject.  (Hint: skip to the last page of the review if you just care to read the list of winners.)  My advice: after reading the aforementioned photo book review, choose a photo book company and sign up for e-mails on its website.  You will receive great deals (usually to the tune of 40% of during a particular week, or buy one, get one 50% off) that can’t be beat.

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